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To meet a country means to feel its spirit, to know its hidden landscapes and individuals who have made what it is. Meeting a country is similar to meeting a man who will become your friend with time.
Travelling with friends is the most pleasant and the most amazing images are shared. Join our numerous friends who have already discovered why Serbia is irresistible. We hope that you will maybe come to love our country as much as we do.

Serbia is a country located partly in the Southeast of Europe – on the Balkan Peninsula (75% of the territory), and partly in the Central Europe – in the Pannonian Basin, (25% of its territory), covering a total area of 88,407 km. In the North, Serbia shares borders with Hungary, in the East with Romania and Bulgaria, in the South with Macedonia and Albania, and in the West with Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia.

Serbia has always straddled East and West, not only in a geographical sense, but also politically and culturally. At first, Serbia found itself between the Byzantine and Roman empires, then it became a frontier between the Ottoman Empire and the Christian West. This centuries-long position in the path of conquering armies from both sides has led to constant migrations and the mixing of populations.
The result is a multiethnic, multicultural and multiconfessional society in Serbia.