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Travel to Zlatibor

The closest international airports are Airport Nikola Tesla in Belgrade and Niš Constantine The Great Airport in Niš.

The most convinient way to travel from Belgrade and Niš to Zlatibor is by bus or car.

From Belgrade, there are many buses traveling to Zlatibor, almost at every hour. To check bus timetable please visit the web page of the Belgrade Bus Station or Polazak.

Driving a car from Belgrade, your journey to Zlatibor will last about three hours.

To check bus timetable from Niš to Zlatibor please visit the webpage Polazak.

Visa information

To check do you need a Visa please visit the web page of the Ministry for Forreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia.

For any further assistance to get an invitation letter, please contact the Symposium convener.